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The 2018 Morgan County Fair is set for September 3rd – 8th.  We are excited to announce that the fair has added an additional day to its calendar and will be opening on Monday September 3rd (Labor Day).  That is one more day to full your belly with your favorite fair food, enjoy rides, check out the animals and visit with old and new friends on the covered bridge.  We thank you all for your support over the years, it has been invaluable. Our county fair is truly a celebration of our youth and our community, so thanks for your participation!!  We are looking forward to the 166th Morgan County Fair!

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A brief History

The Morgan County Agricultural Society was organized February 14, 1852. A fair was held at McConnelsville, October 5-6 of the same year, and “the exhibition of stock, grain, fruits, vegetables, dairy products, farm implements and various articles of domestic manufacture and mechanical skill were highly creditable to the citizens of this county.” (Agricultural Report, 1852, pp. 306-307).

The Fair has always been an event for farm and business exhibits, entertainment and a time to meet new and old acquaintances. The Fairboard purchased land in 1854, 1859, 1870 and 1888. They built buildings, put up hay off the grounds in an effort to make this an annual event of family enjoyment.  The Fairboard purchased 23 more acres in 1951, moved in the covered bridge, built horse barns, race track, and grandstand with the racing and larger attractions being held on the newly purchased land. In 1948 and again in 1958, the fair won the trophy for the best fair in Ohio. (County Fair, History of Morgan County, Ohio 1980)

2017 Fair Board Officers

Denny Ruff
First Vice President
Debbie Earich
Second Vice President
Derek Veyon
Teresa Veyon
Stanley Strode

2017 Fair Board Committees

Executive & Finances: Stanley Strode, Debbie Earich, Derek Veyon, Denny Ruff, Teresa Veyon

Audit: Teresa Veyon, Barbara Bucey, Stanley Strode

Grounds & Buildings: John Wilson, Dan Lahmers, Chad Pletcher, Stanley Strode, Todd Himler

Concessions: Denny Ruff, John Wilson, Adrienne Thomas, Hayley Hook

Youth & Junior Fair: Nanclyn Thomas, Debbie Earich, Broc Roberts

Parking: Todd Himler, Broc Roberts, Josh VanHorn, Dan Lahmers, Jeremy Stonburner

Campers: Denny Ruff, Derek Veyon, Steve Weber

Race Program: Nanclyn Thomas, Barbara Bucey, Teresa Veyon, Broc Roberts

Advertising: Barbara Bucey, Nanclyn Thomas, Hayley Hook, Teresa Veyon

Track/Infield Events: Josh VanHorn, Debbie Earich, Dan Lahmers, Broc Roberts, Andy Kutscherenko, Chad Pletcher, Todd Himler, Jeremy Stonburner

Grandstand/ Stage Entertainment: Denny Ruff, Barbara Bucey, Teresa Veyon, Kent Earich, Sharon Stewart

Veteran’s Day: Barbara Bucey, Kent Earich, Nanclyn Thomas, Debbie Earich, Jenny Woodburn

Parade: Teresa Veyon, Josh VanHorn, Kent Earich, Sharon Stewart, Hayley Hook

Senior Citizens: Barbara Bucey, Kent Earich

Restrooms: Debbie Earich, Derek Veyon, Steve Weber, Jenny Woodburn

Safety: John Wilson, Todd Himler, Chad Pletcher

Rules: Teresa Veyon, Dan Lahmers, Denny Ruff, Stanley Strode

Election: Debbie Earich, Kent Earich, Dan Lahmers, Josh VanHorn, Nanclyn Thomas

Antique Tractors: Andy Kutscherenko, Chad Pletcher

Sale Committee: Debbie Earich



Speed: Josh VanHorn, Derek Veyon, Broc Roberts

Horses: Derek Veyon, Denny Ruff

Beef: Josh VanHorn, Broc Roberts, Steve Weber

Dairy: Dan Lahmers, Debbie Earich

Goats: Teresa Veyon, Stanley Strode, John Wilson

Sheep: John Wilson, Derek Veyon

Swine: Todd Himler, John Wilson

Rabbits: Nanclyn Thomas, Teresa Veyon, Adrienne Thomas

Poultry: Nanclyn Thomas, Teresa Veyon, Adrienne Thomas

Floral Hall: Barbara Bucey, Debbie Earich, Kent Earich, Hayley Hook, Jenny Woodburn, Sharon Stewart

Fair Board Elections

Members may vote for directors at the annual election of directors to be held ___date___ at the Fairgrounds and participate in other business at the annual meeting.